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Overseas Surgery?

Welcome to the world of cosmetic surgery:

On offer is an array of seemingly quick and easy fixes designed to eradicate all your insecurities.

Interest-free loans tailor made for surgeries of all shapes and sizes.

Holidays that have you sightseeing on Monday, a nip tuck on Tuesday, shopping on Wednesday and by Thursday you're on your way home, sporting your extreme make-over.


It all seems too good to be true, but be warned, if you’re looking for a quick fix, you may be getting more than you bargained for.

Drive-Thru Surgery

The media is always selling us quick fixes to looking beautiful, Surgical holidays, botox parties and surgical brokers all target people to get the insecure, the unattractive and unsatisfied to part with their money.

What you are seldom told is that these quick fixes carry serious risks and can result in some devastating outcomes.

To those who are willing to take the chance all we can say is, 'We wish you luck, because that's what you'll need'.
The media tells us surgical holidays are in vogue, 'we're always hearing from people who have been there and done that.

They give us their testimonies on how elated they are with their new breasts and how cheap they were by comparison to having them done in Australia.

But what we don't hear are the testimonies from those who have come back with terrible scarring, extruding implants, serious infections and wounds falling apart.

These are the facts:

1. You pay for these surgical holidays up front, before you even meet the surgeon and before you get any examination.

If you aren't a suitable candidate for the procedure, don't count on getting your money back and being sent safely home.

Chances are you will be operated on regardless of indications to the contrary.

So much for the doctor putting your best interests ahead of his financial ones.

2. The surgeons performing these procedures don't have to adhere to the some qualification requirements as we do here in Australia.

You'll have no idea of the standard of care you will be given.

3. While you may not experience complications right after your surgery, you may when you get back to Australia.
Given you can't see your surgeon, who will you see then?

We are constantly amazed that people go ahead with these surgical holidays' or book a procedure without first meeting the surgeon who will be performing the surgery.

If you're buying a house or car, I don't think many people would sign up before they've seen the house or test-driven the car; and those are material things.

This is their body that we're dealing with."
The same types of problems can occur with surgeons who fly in from other cities to perform surgeries then fly out the same day.

We have had many patients come to us seeking to have problems corrected as a result of these quick fixes.

We've seen horrific disfigurements and people suffering severe complications.

We do what we can to address these problems, but as surgeons, there is sometimes not a great deal that can be done.

Patients quickly realise that these quick, cheap and easy options that look so attractive fast become very expensive and traumatic disasters.

It's your body, your face and when it comes to a 'nip tuck' or an anti-ageing procedure, people can - and will - do as they please.

But do you want to take the risk?

There is no regulation about what is on offer when it comes to quick fixes, or who is offering it.

Wouldn't you rather know that you're getting the very best surgery and the very best of care before, during and after the procedure?

A Great Surgeon is an Honest Surgeon
If a surgeon tells you there is no risk of complications to a procedure, he or she isn't being truthful.

All surgery carries a risk.
Personally, We take great pride in our work as surgeons.

We’re honest and will tell you about the risks at the outset, and discuss with you what you are trying to achieve from your procedure.

I take a holistic approach with my patients; I follow up with you and track your recovery and, should you experience complications, however minor, you know you'll be looked after.

The key to our success is treating our patients’ as we would like to be treated as a patient ourselves.


If you're buying a house or car, I don't think many people would sign up before they've seen the house or test-driven the car; and those are material things.

This is their body that we're dealing with.


Qualifications Matter
Like most reputable surgeons, we say it is important that a fully qualified and licensed surgeon perform your procedure.

In Australia, anyone with a medical degree can perform plastic and cosmetic surgery, provided the patient has signed a consent form or given permission.

He or she doesn't need to have the training, skill or experience.

Today, there are many doctors out there performing cosmetic surgery with no formal surgical training.

This leaves patients wide open to potential disasters.

We strongly advise patients to check that their surgeon is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

This ensures the surgeon is a specialist in his or her field, with extensive training and study.

I've seen how plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and anti -ageing treatments can all have a positive effect on people's lives,

That’s what we love about our jobs.

We see how it boosts our patients' confidence, their lifestyle improves and their professional life benefits.

The positive changes that come about as a result of these procedures are endless.

But you as a patient need to do your part to ensure your outcome is successful... and the most important step is choosing the right surgeon!!